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Fine DiningFine Dining
The fine dining experience depends on fine service. Fine service requires precise timing, attention to detail, and accuracy. It requires seamless transitions between servers and the kitchen. With Ciao Software your customers will experience the ultimate in fine dining.  Ciao provides your servers with the information they need for impeccable timing, for instance, by letting them know when drinks arrive and the right time to serve entrees.

Ciao Software knows that attention to detail matters. If there's a special request from a guest, there's no need to manually type in every change. Simply tap the screen and each order is sent to the kitchen just the way the customer wants it.

And with Ciao Software, patrons won’t be forced to "vote for their meal" anymore (the awkward moment when the server asks “who had the filet?” and the customers’ raise their hands). Servers know exactly what meal was ordered from each seat at the table and can deliver it to the right spot without interrupting conversations.

With Ciao Software your servers can:

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With Ciao’s full suite of Back Office tools your managers can:

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